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Memory Tower is a location on the planet Lolo in Kaiba.


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Ride to Memory Tower

The Memory Tower is a massive building that houses the universe's largest memory database and serves as a tourist and entertainment attraction. The central area of the tower is accessed through a series of amusement park style activities; visitors ride a giant water slide to reach the entrance and travel through a variety of "funhouse" amusements before arriving at the database.

The tower's central attraction is a memory database: a vast collection of memories (or souls) contained within a literal data cloud. Visitors can access memories of the innumerable individuals within the system; memory information can be read on computer screens or ascertained by talking with the bodiless individuals.

As visiting hours draw to a close, looming shadows and chaotic voices press against the room and increase in intensity with diminishing daylight. Automated alerts urge visitors to leave the central data room before the building closes; what occurs in the tower after hours is unknown.


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Episode six

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  • It is possible memories are free from the database at night as "ghosts," referencing Lolo's abandoned nickname: "the graveyard of memories."



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