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Kaiba (カイバ) is a twelve-episode anime series directed by Masaaki Yuasa and released by WOWOW. The animation was created by MADHOUSE. It originally aired in Japan from April 10th to July 24th, 2008.


What are memories?

Souls? Spirits?

In Kaiba's universe, memories can be turned into data via a memory chip and stored. Even if the body dies, its memories live on and can be transferred to another body. Bad memories can be erased and good ones downloaded. The theft and manipulation of other people's memories has become the norm.

Society is largely divided into two classes. In the skies are electrical storms, which cannot be passed through without losing one's memories. Above them lies the realm of the wealthy and powerful, who barter others' bodies and memories for their own enjoyment and longevity. Below the clouds is a troubled and dangerous world where good bodies are hard to come by and real money is scarce.

The series begins with a boy named Kaiba as he awakens in a ruined room. He has no memories, but he has a hole in his chest, a triangular mark on his stomach, and a locket with a picture of an unknown girl inside. After being attacked, Kaiba escapes and, through his travels, regains his memories. Meanwhile, the girl from the locket struggles with her own convictions and her past, which may be intertwined with Kaiba's origins.


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Characters (from left to right: Kaba, Neiro, Kaiba, Chroniko, Baru (Hal), Hyohyo, Popo, Vanilla)

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An evocative synth score was composed by Yoshida Kiyoshi.

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Kaiba was awarded a Prize for Excellence in Animation in the 2008 Japan Media Arts Festival Awards.

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  • Each episode is approximately 24 minutes long.