True intentions of the Dada-samas

Issoudan (or "One Accord") is an organization in Kaiba.


Issoudan is a movement to end all forms of memory alteration, including the use of memory chips and body transference. Despite this fundamental goal and the harsh punishment of individuals who break the rules of the organization, all of Issoudan's leaders use memory alteration to achieve personal desires.

Issoudan blows up several memory tanks created or owned by the government during the series; Neiro is usually assigned to complete the destructive tasks.



Popo with recruited children

The mysterious cloaked figurehead of Issoudan, Dada-sama, is really a trio of powerless, elderly Warp clones. They formed an alliance to gain governmental power and exact revenge on the government that prevented them from ascending the Warp throne many years ago.

Issoudan indoctrined orphaned children (see: affiliated characters) and molded them into workers and symbols of the organization.

The children (now teenaged) exhibit intense loyalty to Issoudan. However, their devotion appears to be directed towards each other rather than Dada-sama.

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  • It is likely Takehiko's sister Nokko is part of Issoudan, but this is unconfirmed.



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