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Lighthouse Keeper

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Grandma's Room of Memories

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Atsushi Ii

Grandpa is a character in Kaiba who first appears in "Grandma's Room of Memories."

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An elderly male voice begins saying, "You don't have to ...." and a young male voice finishes, "cry anymore."
A little boy comes out of the broken door saying, "Don't cry anymore." He sits at Grandpa's seat at the table.
Where Grandma once sat, sits a little girl. She smiles, saying, "I knew you were alive!"
A teenage boy sits at Grandpa's seat. "No, I really fell and died."
A teenage girl asks him, "Why did you fall?"
"You love hochi flowers, don't you?"
"I do!" She claps her hands together. "Because you gave me one."
A pink book begins to open. A memory is shown while the teenagers talk.
"It was a really rare flower from another planet that landed here and grew," he says.
A teenage Grandma and Grandpa can be seen on the edge of a cliff. He walks over to her, carrying a plant with two blue flowers. They hold it together and watch it bloom.
"A really rare and pretty flower," she says.
Grandpa as a man is sitting at his seat. "I could never find it after that," he says.
Grandma as a woman is sitting at hers. "Nevertheless, it made me happy," she tells him.
He says, "You know, I finally found another one for the first time in a century!"
Grandma as an old woman asks him, "Really? Where?"
As an old man, he answers, "On top of the lighthouse, of all places!"
"On top of the lighthouse?"
"That's right! It was on the wall at the top!"
A memory is shown. Grandpa is reaching for the hochi flower. He has it in his hand, but it's too late. He falls off the lighthouse.
"Then I fell."
"Why did you do such a reckless thing?"
"I wanted to see your happy face."
"You silly man."
Embarrassed, he scratches his head. "My bad, my bad."
"Hey," she says, putting her hands together. "I'd like to join you over there."
"I don't know if that's a good idea. I doubt it is."
"But living alone has been such a drag."
"Even if you say so... that's a lot of trouble just for me."
"That wouldn't be the case for me. Let me do it."
"You really shouldn't. I should be going now." He begins to fade.
Alarmed, Grandma crawls over the table to him, hugging him. She's passed over his half of the table.
"You came over!" He says. "You've always been so reckless."
The memory bubble grows dark and distorted. Kaiba jumps away from the table as the couple sink together.
"Are you sure you're fine with this?" Grandpa asks her.
"I am," she tells him, and they're consumed by the memory bubble. Kaiba starts running to the hole he crawled in through in the beginning.

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