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Chroniko's uncle
Chroniko's uncle




Memory chip?


Personal Status
  • Deceased
  • Negi (Wife)
  • Kona and Naru (Sons)
  • Chroniko (Niece and adopted daughter)

Chroniko's uncle is a character in Kaiba who appears in the episode "Chroniko's Boots".


He has black eyes with straight black/gray hair that reaches just past his square jaw. He is not skinny, but not fat either.


From what can be seen in Negi's memories, Chroniko's husband seems to have married her after Moka had passed away, as Kona and Naru are born before Negi's accident but after Chroniko began living with Negi. He can be seen next to Negi after she's been fitted with new arms as Negi gives Chroniko her signature pink boots.


Not much is known about him, but it's shown that he loved his wife and children (including Chroniko), always smiling when around them.

It's assumed he was a hard worker and a good husband, as his family struggled to earn money after he left and Negi still mourned his death.

Episode appearancesEdit

Chroniko's aunt and uncle

Chroniko's uncle with her aunt following accident

"Chroniko's Boots"Edit

Chroniko's uncle is only shown in Negi's memories, though before Negi played the piano and remembered her forgotten memories, he is seen only as a shadow. It's implied that Negi tampered with her memories in order to forget him, and the grief his death brought her.

Other notesEdit

  • The cause of his death is unknown.
  • The memory chip that Negi is using to store her unhappy memories may be his.


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