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Kaiba: kaiba is the main character in this tv series.his strange appearance includes, a large hole going right through his chest, and an odd, triangle shaped birthmark. He is incredibly powerful, and can take an enormous amount of physical trauma. He can also destroy objects using his mind.

Neiro was a member of the issoudan secret organization, and the secondary character of the series, even though she doesn't show up until the 6th episode. Neiro lost her parents when she was young, at the hands of the government, "heaven", which is built far above her own town, past a dangerous electrolytic cloud, which blocks memories. Near the end of the series, it was revealed that popo had been manipulating her memories since she fell in love with kaiba.


Neiro, in kaiba's palace

Popo was a prominent member of issoudan, and a devoted follower of dada-sama, the supposedly powerful leader of the group. At a young age, popo was switched from his original, sickly body, into another, which he stays in the intire series. As a child, he dreamed of becoming the leader of "heaven", and often played games with cheki and neiro about being king. It is revealed that dada-sama manipulated his memories, making him increasingly brainwashed and unstable, often opting to violence when angry. He manipulated neiro's memories to make all of her bad memories of kaiba, and all of her good ones of himself


Popo, becoming unstable

Sate was an assistant of popo and his friend as well, though she ruined their friendship by deleting cheki's memories of him. She hardly offers any sign of expression or emotion, yet seems very lively. At the end of the series, it's revealed that she transplanted her organs into a robotic body.