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Hyo-hyo-is-ready-to-shoot blasting gun

Hyohyo holding blasting gun.

A blasting gun is a common weapon in Kaiba. It is officially known as a "carbile" (カーバイル).


It is a dark, muddied gold in color. It is shaped like a globe with a ridge over the top, and features a pointed end with a handle on the opposite side. It appears to be heavy, and a character moving or brandishing one creates a distinctive sound of dragging cast iron or brass.

These weapons vary in size from handheld all the way up to very large, wrapping around the body and carried similarly to a large marching band drum.

These weapons are devastating in power, and are capable of exploding a person into blood (which appears as green) in a single shot. They destroy most objects with the exception of memory chips and memory eggs.

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